7 things – the office

September 4, 2008

here are 7 things that can be minimalized in your office (home or away) today:

  1. paper files – if you can, scan them to your computer. if not, sort and file.
  2. bulletin board items – you’ve needed to declutter that for months anyway.
  3. wall decorations – just keep 1 or 2 accent pieces (and maybe a clock)
  4. physical desktop items – find a home out of sight for your stapler, tape, and paper clips.
  5. computer desktop icons – remove unneccesary icons (or hide all of them)
  6. your desk drawer – you know the one i’m talking about…
  7. books – if you don’t use them, get rid of them.

honorable mention: pens/pencils

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when i minimalized my office three weeks ago (read about it here), i made the decision to remove the desktop icons from my pc.  ever since, i have been looking for just the right desktop wallpaper to accent my new clutter-free desktop and office.  i like what i just found…

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