We are a family of four living in Essex, Vermont. My wife and I are in our early-thirties. My son is 5 and my daughter is 2. We are a typical middle-class family (minus the dog).

After a conversation with my neighbor on Memorial Day 2008, we decided to become minimalist. This blog is about our journey. You can read more about the start of our journey here.

It’s about the joys and the struggles. And we’re going to need your help.


5 Responses to “about us”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hi new minimalist family ~ I stumbled across your blog in my own attempts to comprehend what a minimal lifestyle means for a family of 6! Similar to your own experience, I couldn’t find a lot of information. I am dropping you a line to let you know I appreciate the Biblical aspect your blog has shared a couple of times. In my findings thusfar, most sites seem to take a new age, cosmic spititual point of view. And that is just not my lifestyle, as I believe in God and I am a Christian. My husband presented me with this idea of living because we are in the mist of losing most of our material possessions. We have really had to examine what we would “sacrafice” if we were called to do so. And what we are experiencing is that it is so much more than just “stuff”. It is a journey of sacrafic, obedience and discipline. Thank you for sharing your experiences and incorporating your faith. And thank you for allowing me to share mine.

  2. ronksu Says:


    Flipping through blogs at wordpress brought me here. For a long time I’ve been wanting to reduce stuff in my life too. In my case it’s mostly been about reducing matter – I’d just love to increase hanging out on town in cafes and such if I could.

    Anyway, I had a nice time reading about your attempts at minimalazation and decided to leave a note 🙂

  3. veniatregnum Says:

    Hey guys,

    Nice to see you on the blogosphere. Will be following your minimalism endeavors and have already gleaned some great points and insights into things I’ve never thought of before (condiments being one of them). Godspeed on the journey and hope to see you all soon.

  4. rachel Says:

    Hi there,

    I just linked your blog to mine (be whole now) and plugged you in today’s post. Thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us! Stop by and visit during one of your clutter-free moments.

  5. Christy Says:

    Hi there! Stumbled across your blog and I can’t get over how similar our paths are. My husband and I have 2 kids and I have been feeling more and more of late that God is calling me to a life defined by simplicity. Not deprivation, but living on the minimum instead of the maximum!

    I have spent the last 10 months de-cluttering and simplifying our home and lives. I did one round of simplifying and when I started looking at my things more critically, I realized that the first go-around was really the tip of the iceberg.

    It all started rather unspiritually last Halloween. 😉 I was schlepping to the door for trick or treaters. I was embarrased at the state of my house and thinking about Christmas and it all just came to a head internally.

    The thought occurred to me – -I live in a darling little victorian house that could be the epitome of home and warmth, but it feels cramped and messy. And I knew Christmas would be here before we know it and that will mean *more* decor and clutter. Talk about missing the point and skipping the whole peace and reason for the season.

    So I decided that night to start the next day removing as much clutter and reorganize so that in a few weeks when the Christmas season hit, I was going to enjoy my little house and cramming it full of peopler and things I really loved.

    I worked my TAIL off and it made a huge difference in our Christmas and in my mental clutter. I started to look for things that had meaning in my stash of Christmas decor and somewhere along the process, I started to see *all* my things in a new way….I wanted to be surrounded by things I love and not by stuff I should keep. I re-thought what I wanted our living spaces to be like and how they could serve our family better. For example…while a rocking chair emotes a feeling of warmth and comfort, how practical is it when my wrestling little boy gets it in the head and floor space is at a premium?

    And in the 10 months since, I have kept at it…paring down our entire house- – basement to bathroom – -every drawer and corner. I’ve taken countless overflowing car-fulls possessions to the thrift store and there isn’t a single thing I wish I’d kept. That concept has been sobering to me say the least…I had *that* much stuff that was “out of sight out of mind”. Oy…no wonder we’re consider the “haves” of the world. And I’m still finding things weekly that I can purge.

    To me, this isn’t about if I have 100 things or 1000. It’s about living on the least I can. It’s about spending less time thinking about stuff and more time loving people. It’s about living in the present and not being caught up in the past or waiting for the future. It’s about seeing everything I have as a huge blessing.

    Am I down to the bare minimum? Probably not, but I’m working on it. But I feel like I’ve discovered a new way of living that involves real thought and priorities and creativity. I ask myself questions now when dealing with my things…Will I really use this thing (and not just in theory!)? Is it in the most sensible place for it? Would it mean more to someone I love to have it? And most importantly “Just because I CAN buy something, does it mean I have to”?

    And this desire for simplicity has spilled over to how I spend my money and my time too.

    For me it’s an obedience thing. I have been given by God a huge heart for the less fortunate of the world. So how can I possibly justify being excessive and wasteful if I care about the poor?

    I am really enjoying reading your blog from start to finish and thank you for your transparency. Blessings to all of us as we find explore this journey we’re on and God’s best for US.

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