exciting news!

October 5, 2008

becoming minimalist has moved.  please visit us at our new address: http://www.becomingminimalist.com/

also, don’t forget to update your bookmarks as all new posts will be entered on the new site.  we hope you’ll like the new look even more as we don’t change any of our content or stated goals.


blogs that link here.

September 3, 2008

i really appreciate the traffic that i get here at becomingminimalist.  i hope it encourages you to minimalize (even a little) around your home.  and thanks to those of you with blogs that link here, i thought i should return the favor.

if i missed your blog, let me know.  i’ll add it to the list and make sure you get the credit that your fine judgement deserves.

visit becoming minimalist’s new site.

how you got here

July 2, 2008

here are the top search terms that led readers to the becoming minimalist website during the month of june:

  1. becoming a minimalist
  2. minimalist living
  3. minimalist
  4. minimalist office
  5. benefits of becoming a minimalist
  6. minimalist lifestyle
  7. live a minimalist life

we are now google’s top result for the following search terms:

  1. benefits of becoming a minimalist
  2. where to start being a minimalist
  3. being a minimalist in america
  4. become a minamalist  (spelled incorrectly)

others got here with the following search terms:

  1. benefit 3
  2. guynameddave
  3. 9th wedding anniversary
  4. office worker goes crazy
  5. office clean up day ideas

this kind of stuff really intrigues me.


two week anniversary

June 11, 2008

today is the two-week anniversary of the becoming minimalist blog.  i still find much intrigue in how people find this blog.  the following are search terms that led to this blog in last 2 weeks.

  • 3 kids
  • refrigerator magnets
  • advertisement+humor
  • decorate and e-how
  • money
  • office worker goes crazy
  • guynameddave.com
  • money advertisement

however, the following list represents the leading search terms that led here:

  • minimalist living
  • becoming a minimalist
  • minimalist
  • minimalist life

and we are the #1 result on google for “define a minimalist life.”  and i think that’s great because i’ve never been #1 at anything.

one week anniversary

June 3, 2008

today marks the one week anniversary of this blog going live.  it has acomplished everything that i was hoping – it has kept my mind focused on our decision to become minimalist.

on a side note, the traffic to this site has increased everyday.  it’s interesting to see how people have arrived at this blog.  over the past week, the following search engine terms led to this blog:

  • money 
  • money advertisement
  • 3 kids
  • minimalist thought
  • i now live a minimalist life
  • minimalist lifestyle benefits
  • minimalized house design