my choice for minimalist wallpaper

June 30, 2008

when i minimalized my office three weeks ago (read about it here), i made the decision to remove the desktop icons from my pc.  ever since, i have been looking for just the right desktop wallpaper to accent my new clutter-free desktop and office.  i like what i just found…

 visit becoming minimalist’s new site.


7 Responses to “my choice for minimalist wallpaper”

  1. Gamma Says:

    Where did you find this cute wallpaper? I’m looking for something similar for my (older) Mac.

    Thanks for your site!

  2. createmo Says:

    Thank you for your website 🙂
    I made with photoshop backgrounds for myspace,youtube and whatever
    my backgrounds:
    take care and thank you again!

  3. emm… really like it 🙂

  4. […] talked about this before, but apparently I needed to do it again. I found a new minimalist background to help unclutter my desktop. I discovered that I had let far too many icons creep back […]

  5. What a cool post. I really like reading these types or posts. I can’t wait to see what others have to say.

  6. Do you ever get complications with your widgets dissapearing from the sidebar ?!?. I add 1 and then it just vanishes !. Really annoying.

  7. Proactol Says:

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