the tiddy bear

October 2, 2008

i suppose that when we decided to become minimalist, it meant that we’ll never own of these.

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note to self – the atlas

September 9, 2008

it’s best to leave at least one atlas in the car. the next time you get lost in new york city, your wife will have one less thing to be upset about.

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next time you decide to minimalize your wife’s football shaped jello molds that she was planning to use for your son’s birthday party… don’t!

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cliff’s comment yesterday got me thinking, “what is a minimalist failure in my life that must be overcome?” counting salad dressings, we have 51 bottles of condiments in our fridge. does that count as a failure?

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July 22, 2008

does my decision to become minimalist mean that i can’t get one of these: spaceship for sale.

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i would be lying if i said becoming minimalist has been easy for me… but maybe the road to minimalism isn’t quite as difficult as i think it is.

does our decision to become minimalist disqualify me from ever owning this?