exciting news!

October 5, 2008

becoming minimalist has moved.  please visit us at our new address: http://www.becomingminimalist.com/

also, don’t forget to update your bookmarks as all new posts will be entered on the new site.  we hope you’ll like the new look even more as we don’t change any of our content or stated goals.


minimalism and happy meal toys

September 16, 2008

lex luthor is to superman as happy meal toys are to minimalism.

we took our two kids to mcdonald’s for lunch today. we like it, they love it, it’s cheap…not a bad combo. and while i don’t mind eating there, i do mind bringing home the two happy meal toys every single time. it’s not because i don’t want my kids to have toys, it’s because i don’t want them to have these toys.

somewhere in the multi-billion dollar research and development department of mcdonald’s, they have been able to recreate a 25 cent toy that is played with once and never touched again. yet, as soon as they are thrown away by parents, the child immediately wants to play with it the next morning – regardless of how long has lapsed since the eating of the happy meal. i don’t know how they do it, but they’ve got my kids figured out.

 i realize that i tried this poll once before already but i didn’t get quite enough responses.  so i would like to try it again.

minimalist income

June 27, 2008

less than one month from our first ebay sale, we surpassed $125 in income yesterday.  add in our garage sale income and our decision to become minimalist has grossed roughly $250 in the past month.  we’re not quitting our jobs or anything, but it is fun to turn your household clutter into cash.

and it hasn’t been that hard or time consuming – we have yet to ship anything that doesn’t fit in an envelope or small shoebox (clothes, shoes, books, and cds).   as you minimalize your own possessions, create a pile for items to sell and use ebay or craigslist to turn them into cash (just be sure to throw them away if they don’t sell).

anyway, we have been debating what to do with our new minimalist income and would like your help.  friend or visitor, help us with a click of your mouse.