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October 5, 2008

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“minimalist moment” – a moment in time when my journey to become minimalist impacted an unexpected decision.

this weekend while driving through my neighborhood, i noticed a large number of cars parked outside a neighbor’s home. as i drew closer, i counted 12-15 people in their driveway and the “garage sale” sign posted by the street. my initial inclination was to think, “wow, that’s a lot of people at that garage sale. it must be a good one. i should at least stop and check it out.”

at that point, my mind raced back to our decision to become minimalist. i asked myself a different question, “is there anything that i really need to add to my life?” after thinking of none, i drove past the garage sale without a second thought.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not against buying used and cheaper. but i am against buying used and cheaper just because it is used and cheaper.

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“minimalist moment” – a moment in time when my journey to become minimalist impacted an unexpected decision.

over labor day weekend, some friends and i went to see a couple baseball games at a major league stadium. as is my custom, i ordered a large soda and hot dog (with mustard and onions please).  the large soda came in a souvenir plastic cup commemorating the final season at this particular stadium.  as i received the plastic cup, i couldn’t help but think of the dozens of souvenirs cups that i had collected since my childhood at different sporting venues across the country – the exact same cups that i had discarded weeks ago when minimalizing my kitchen cabinet.

my specific minimalist moment came as the ninth inning came to a close and we stood up to leave.  my buddy grabbed his souvenir cup to take home.  i left mine on the stadium floor – it felt really good. 

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this afternoon during a trip to six flags, new england, i took a seat on a bench to wait for a friend. as i sat down, i was suprised to see two young men walk by with HUGE stuffed animals draped around their necks. they had obviously just won them at a “carnival game” and i turned to see which one. it was the basketball shot challenge… and i was immediately intrigued.

i like to think that i can hold my own on a basketball court – especially shooting a long-range jump shot. these young men didn’t look they were anything special and so i began to watch the other contestants.

$2 got you 1 shot and $5 got you 3 shots. make one basket and win a prize – a 4 foot tall stuffed puppy with the tongue hanging out. of the three current contestants, one won. at about that time, a team of 12-year old basketball players and their coaches arrived to give it a shot. when i noticed a high percentage of the players winning on one particular basket, i figured i was on to something and began reaching in my pocket to find a $5 bill thinking that my kids would love the gift!

and then i stopped. “wait a minute, i’m becoming minimalist. what am i going to do with a 4-foot tall stuffed puppy in my basement?” i asked myself. i imagined my kids thinking the puppy was pretty cute at first and then pushing it into a corner to go back to their old toys. the puppy would just sit there, lonely, taking up space in my basement.

i gripped my $5 tighter and tighter as i wrestled with the decision. and when my friend arrived, i used it to buy him some ice cream. i’m very happy with my decision.

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i quickly ran into border’s books the other day to purchase a book that i have been meaning to read for the past several weeks. after asking the cashier to help me find the book, she directed me to the correct section, told me exactly where to look, and informed me that “i couldn’t miss it.”

sure enough, she was right. there were 4 copies on the shelf in 2 different sizes. one was smaller and less expensive. the other was larger and cost $4 more. i had a decision to make.

picking up the smaller one, i considered the benefits: takes up less space, less trees, cheaper, and all the same info. as long as my eyes can support the smaller print, it’s an easy decision.

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follow-up: great book, i recommend it. no wonder it’s been in print for 70 years!