“minimalist moment” – a moment in time when my journey to become minimalist impacted an unexpected decision.

over labor day weekend, some friends and i went to see a couple baseball games at a major league stadium. as is my custom, i ordered a large soda and hot dog (with mustard and onions please).  the large soda came in a souvenir plastic cup commemorating the final season at this particular stadium.  as i received the plastic cup, i couldn’t help but think of the dozens of souvenirs cups that i had collected since my childhood at different sporting venues across the country – the exact same cups that i had discarded weeks ago when minimalizing my kitchen cabinet.

my specific minimalist moment came as the ninth inning came to a close and we stood up to leave.  my buddy grabbed his souvenir cup to take home.  i left mine on the stadium floor – it felt really good. 

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i just returned home from a week-long trip near new orleans.  it became significant because it was our first trip away since intentionally deciding to become minimalist.  although i wasn’t thinking about the blog, the last day of the trip we were in the city near the flea market when i just happened upon another benefit of minimalism – easier souvenir shopping.  and i immediately knew, it had to make my list.

of our vacation traditions, we always included a day in the local marketplace/flea market/souvenir shops hoping to find just the right souvenir to take home with us.  despite the many hours that we spent looking, many of our souvenirs ended up in the basement in a box with all the other souvenirs that seemed to be a good purchase at the time – colored blankets, knick-knacks, chess sets, postcards, cups, etc.  and with each passing vacation/souvenir, the pressure to find a good souvenir that would survive the trip home and the test of time would mount.  simply, i was tired of spending money on things just to put them in a box.

this past saturday in new orleans, we went to the market because we had others along with us who wanted some souvenirs from the trip.  as we floated from shop to shop deciding which items to buy for their home/life, i felt no pressure.  none.  i had no desire to buy anything for my home – we are living a different life now.  because i knew that i wasn’t going to buy anything, i was free to enjoy the walk taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells while our companions felt all the pressure to find “just the right souvenir.”  another benefit of minimalism – easier souvenir shopping. 

remind me never to go back to that previous lifestyle.