we have begun a new series here at becoming minimalist that we call “quick tips.”  three sentences or less to a less-cluttered home.

quick tip #1 – remove vhs tapes from your home.  don’t just store them, remove them.  if you really watch them that often, buy the dvd (it’s better quality picture anyway). 

quick tip #2 – get rid of your vcr too (it’s just taking up space now that you don’t have any vhs tapes).


i just noticed that ehow.com has full room-by room listings of “how to decorate in a minimalist style” from living rooms and home office to selecting accessories.  i didn’t notice too many pictures which would have been helpful.  and i did notice that ratings for most of them were in 3-3.5 star range but i do think the thoughts will be helpful for something as we continue to become minimalist.