a quick project for you to tackle today, you’ll be glad you did. here are 7 things that can be minimalized from your junk drawer in one hour or less:

  1. pens/pencils
  2. old batteries (you know you’re never going to use them)
  3. keys (if you don’t know what they open, they don’t open anything)
  4. scissors/tape/paper clips/rubber bands (does that count as one item?)
  5. tools/hardware (keep one philips screwdriver, that’s it – put the rest away)
  6. coins/receipts
  7. phone books (i hope i’m not the only one with more than one phonebook in my drawer…)

is there anything you would like to add to this list that should be minimalized from your junk drawer?

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my junk drawer on ebay

June 17, 2008

this evening, i stepped up to cross another cluttered area of my home off the list – the dreaded junk drawer.  i began the process using the steps that i have learned from the experts:

  1. identify your clutter area
  2. take everything out
  3. return only things that need to stay
  4. sort the rest into three piles: relocate, sell/donate, discard

as i pulled the drawer out of its slot, i had a change of heart.  instead of following the 4 step process, i reduced it to one step: 1. sell everything on ebay.  i kept everything – and put the drawer up for auction.

you can find the listing here: my junk drawer (untouched).  it’s your chance to own a little piece of my family.