a spiritual journey

June 1, 2008

although i get a little nervous saying this, this path to become minimalist has become a spiritual journey for me.  i get nervous about that because i realize that this ups the anty in my journey.  before it was just about deliberating getting organized and choosing a new design style for my home.  but now it’s about living a life that is honoring to the God who created me.  choosing a design style, i’m okay if i screw that up.  but not honoring God with my life, that’s a mistake i want to stay away from…

dallas willard defined discipleship this way, “trying to live your life the way Jesus would live your life.”  i really like that.  it’s a helpful thought for me.  i don’t have to try and relive Jesus’ life exactly how he lived it – He already lived that life.  instead, i need to take the life that God has given to me and ask the question, “how would Jesus live it if he were living my life?”  with that in mind, i look around my home and wonder, “is this what Jesus’s house would look like if he were living my life?  would his closet look this full?  would his kitchen have this many gadgets?  would he have spent as much on home furnishings and decorations as i have?”  most of the time, i answer in the negative.

it seems to me the minimalist life is more in-tune with the life that Jesus would live.  and therefore, this journey has become very spiritual for me and that makes me excited and nervous.