minimalist moment – the ballpark

September 1, 2008

“minimalist moment” – a moment in time when my journey to become minimalist impacted an unexpected decision.

over labor day weekend, some friends and i went to see a couple baseball games at a major league stadium. as is my custom, i ordered a large soda and hot dog (with mustard and onions please).  the large soda came in a souvenir plastic cup commemorating the final season at this particular stadium.  as i received the plastic cup, i couldn’t help but think of the dozens of souvenirs cups that i had collected since my childhood at different sporting venues across the country – the exact same cups that i had discarded weeks ago when minimalizing my kitchen cabinet.

my specific minimalist moment came as the ninth inning came to a close and we stood up to leave.  my buddy grabbed his souvenir cup to take home.  i left mine on the stadium floor – it felt really good. 

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2 Responses to “minimalist moment – the ballpark”

  1. yogamama Says:

    Enjoy your blog. Just a comment about the stadium cup, perhaps not leaving it on the floor, but recycling it on the way out? Really like your 7 things posts.

  2. i cannot disagree with the importance of recycling and have tried to do that whenever possible and encourage others to do the same. thanks for the comment and kind words.

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