benefit #14 – visually appealing

August 10, 2008

i originally found this benefit in a zenhabits blog post titled, “a guide to creating a minimalist home.” their thoughts on minimalization are amazing! because i have noticed many people are ending up at this blog after searching for “minimalism benefits” i wanted to be sure that it got on the list because i have found it to be so true!

more appealing. think about photos of homes that are cluttered, and photos of minimalist homes. the ones with almost nothing in them except some beautiful furniture, some nice artwork, and a very few pretty decorations, are the ones that appeal to most of us. you can make your home more appealing by making it more minimalist.

we have found this to be true in our home over and over again. whether it be something simple like removing crowded knick-knacks from a shelf or something large like removing unused pieces of furniture, we continue to enjoy the look of our home more and more as we continue to become more and more minimalist.

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