minimalist moment – a bookstore

July 22, 2008

i quickly ran into border’s books the other day to purchase a book that i have been meaning to read for the past several weeks. after asking the cashier to help me find the book, she directed me to the correct section, told me exactly where to look, and informed me that “i couldn’t miss it.”

sure enough, she was right. there were 4 copies on the shelf in 2 different sizes. one was smaller and less expensive. the other was larger and cost $4 more. i had a decision to make.

picking up the smaller one, i considered the benefits: takes up less space, less trees, cheaper, and all the same info. as long as my eyes can support the smaller print, it’s an easy decision.

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follow-up: great book, i recommend it. no wonder it’s been in print for 70 years!


One Response to “minimalist moment – a bookstore”

  1. dustin Says:

    Great book, i have read it once and listen to the audiobook just recently.

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