letting small things add up

July 3, 2008

i have been working the past few mornings on minimalizing our basement/storage room.  it is a large room with tons (possibly literally) of storage from the past nine years of marriage, two kids, and four houses.  to date, i have collected over eight 33-gallon garbage bags of items to throw away/sell.  it’s been an overwhelming task and i have hit “the wall.”  the easy stuff is done – what remains is the pile of “questionables.” 

and i needed a break, so i chose an easier project this morning – cups.

it took me about 15 minutes to minimalize one of our kitchen cabinets – the one with glasses/mugs/cups/plates/bowls.  it doesn’t take too much brain-power to know which cups we use and which we don’t.  those we use, i kept.  those we don’t, i threw away.  i removed over 40 items from our cabinet and i love the result. 

i’ll let you know about the storage room…


2 Responses to “letting small things add up”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Well my husband and I just went through our kitchen and are getting rid of two boxes of stuff…..Good Call.

    Go Yanks!!

  2. joshuabecker Says:

    doesn’t it feel great?

    clearing out your kitchen that is… not cheering for the yankee’s.

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