7 things – the kitchen

July 3, 2008

just in time for the holiday weekend, i have decided to debut a new series.  “7 things” – where i will choose one area of my house and quickly list 7 things that need to be minimalized.

#1. the kitchen

  1. glassware – how many of those cups/mugs do you really use anyway?
  2. cookbooks – if it’s more than 7 years old and not “your favorite,” clip out the best recipes and discard the book.
  3. the gadget drawer – you know, the one with 5 spatulas…
  4. your countertop – find a new home for your things and remove the clutter from your sight
  5. grocery/plastic bags – save a few and recycle the other 50
  6. your fridge – pull everything out, clean, and be selective about goes back
  7. stockpiled food – donate some of those uneaten nonperishables and clear the cabinets for stuff you really like. 

One Response to “7 things – the kitchen”

  1. joshuabecker Says:

    i also wanted to add mismatched silverware, mixing bowls, tupperware, and under the sink. but then i would have to rename it “11 things” and i already had that sweet looking 7.

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