benefit #9 – good for the environment

July 1, 2008

assume for a moment that you have one of those mothers that does all the work around the house for you because she wants everything to be perfect for her family.  every morning when you wake up she goes in and completely cleans your entire room top to bottom.  and every time you go to bed, she comes in and puts everything away for you – just so that everything is perfect.

if that was the case, how would you show the most respect and honor to your mother?  would you best bring her honor by pulling out every toy and making as large a mess as possible for her to clean?  or would you bring her honor by keeping things clean, by putting your own toys away, and keeping the room as close to perfection as possible?  the second one of course.  you’d bring honor to her by sustaining the perfection that she desires for you as much as possible.

i believe that God created this earth perfect and will return to restore it to its original beauty.  in the meantime, God has placed humanity over the earth to rule over it.  and just like the child in the story above, we bring God the most honor and glory when we rule over the earth in a manner that sustains His original and ultimate plan as much as possible.

the less we consume, the less damage we do to the environment.  and that benefits everybody!


One Response to “benefit #9 – good for the environment”

  1. .tawnya. Says:

    very well said

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