How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

as a minimalist, should i be trying to reduce the number of days i could survive trapped in my home?  that just doesn’t seem right…


i’m excited about my minimalizing project this evening.  today, i took four 33gallon trash bags and walked around my house throwing things away.  the fact that the project took me only 40 minutes to complete speaks to the amount of stuff in my house – we’ve got a long way to go.  but i made a good dent.

i’m really excited about the accomplishment, but realized how lame the story is when i couldn’t even get my wife to listen to the whole thing. so i titled it a “not-so-exciting project” to warn you the reader.

if you would like to experience the thrill yourself, grab one large trash bag from the garage and just start walking around your house.  it’s hard to describe the rush in words. 

and if you would like to complete the project quickly, just start in your basement… 


June 25, 2008



somebody gave me some good advice about junk drawers.  they said, “not only is it okay to have a junk drawer, i recommend it.  it gives you a place to put things rather than leave them out on a counter.  however, you need to clear things out every 2-3 months.”

tonight was the first time in more like 2-3 years.  as you can notice, i removed so much stuff from the drawer on the right that i was able to make the other drawer a place to store my children’s art and craft supplies.   i threw away everything that i absolutely didn’t need to keep.  as you may notice, a pampered chef scissors is apparently absolutely needed (i’m convinced that you could stamp “pampered chef” on anything and women would buy it).  of everything that i absolutely needed to keep, most of it was placed into its original home (game closet, work bench, etc.).  everything that needed to remain was nicely sorted into transparent ziploc bags.  i’m pleased with the outcome… and as long as the scissors stayed, so is my wife.

i had hoped to make some money by selling my junk drawer on ebay – but there were no bidders.  apparently, everybody was too busy bidding on this guy’s life.

so, i’m left to remove the clutter the old fashioned way – the garbage can.  i’ll post some photos when i’m done. 

total obedience is possible only when God has our supreme allegiance.  today we need to hear again that God alone is worthy of our worship and obedience.  the idolatry of affluence is rampant.  our greed for more dictates so many of our decisions.

the ten commandments begin with three staccato warnings against idolatry.  and the fourth commandment of the sabbath rest strikes at the heart of this everlasting itch to get ahead.  we find it so very hard to rest when, by working, we can get the jump on everyone else.  there is no greater freedom to lay down the heavy burden of getting ahead.

richard j. foster

since my wife and i began intentionally becoming minimal, i have met some inspiring people through this blog and others (met them digitally, that is).  today, i read an online journal about a family in new york living under a $10,000 budget. 

as i read their story, it became very obvious that i have no desire to live that lifestyle – nor would it fit the life that God has called me live.  but, i do find inspiration in their story.  i find inspiration in the fact that they can live on such a budget and how that transfers to my family.  and secondly, i find inspiration that they are able to detach from the temptations and entrapments from this world that we have grown so accustomed to.  it seems that i could learn much from them.

here’s their story: our simple lifestyle.