empty boxes

June 29, 2008

i didn’t wake up saturday morning with any minimalist projects on my mind.  i just woke up a little bit earlier than everyone else and happened to walk downstairs.

in our storage room, i noticed an old, empty box from a light fixture.  i also noticed a large empty box from a stereo that i purchased 9 years ago.  i have a habit of holding on to empty boxes from purchases (mostly major purchases, but there are some minor purchases too).  i like to have the boxes because it makes taking the item back easier if i need to. 

but as i looked around the room i couldn’t believe how much space was being taken up by boxes.  so i made a decision to recycle every box from any purchase made over 6 months ago.  i recycled over 15 empty boxes saturday morning. 

feels good to have space back.


One Response to “empty boxes”

  1. Sean McGinty Says:

    I used to hold onto empty appliance boxes too long.

    I was indoctrinated into this philosophy by my mother as a teenager. My mother didn’t keep them in case there was something wrong, she kept them because, “when we move, it will be easier to box them up.” It took my parents 20 years to fully move from my childhood home in New York to their retirement home in Florida. I’m glad I was out of the house by then.

    I can still remember when the absurdity of this hit me and when I went through my home 10+ years ago and threw out all the boxes I had accumulated for a move that still hasn’t come. I actually had boxes for things I didn’t have anymore, that’ll really make you feel like and idiot. Took me weeks to move it all through the recycling.

    Anyway, I keep empty “purchase” boxes next to the recycling and they sit there for only two weeks and then they go out.

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