operation: junk drawer results

June 25, 2008


somebody gave me some good advice about junk drawers.  they said, “not only is it okay to have a junk drawer, i recommend it.  it gives you a place to put things rather than leave them out on a counter.  however, you need to clear things out every 2-3 months.”

tonight was the first time in more like 2-3 years.  as you can notice, i removed so much stuff from the drawer on the right that i was able to make the other drawer a place to store my children’s art and craft supplies.   i threw away everything that i absolutely didn’t need to keep.  as you may notice, a pampered chef scissors is apparently absolutely needed (i’m convinced that you could stamp “pampered chef” on anything and women would buy it).  of everything that i absolutely needed to keep, most of it was placed into its original home (game closet, work bench, etc.).  everything that needed to remain was nicely sorted into transparent ziploc bags.  i’m pleased with the outcome… and as long as the scissors stayed, so is my wife.


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