operation: minimalist office complete

June 16, 2008



what i did:

  • removed every book that i have not/will not use
  • removed wall hangings (notes/record albums/college degrees)
  • removed all paper clutter from desktop (stored in my top drawer)
  • removed all office equipment from desktop (stapler/tape)
  • removed noncurrent clutter from bulletin board
  • removed misc clutter from bookshelves (souvenirs/sports memorabilia)
  • painted


  • able to focus / less distraction (my mind matches my activity)
  • a vision for the future (no longer tied to the past)
  • more energy (clutter is so mentally draining)
  • endless possibilities…

8 Responses to “operation: minimalist office complete”

  1. Michelle Says:

    what a huge difference! Your “new” office enviroment is inspiring. is that a lava lamp?

  2. robo57401 Says:

    Oh-oh, I messed up on my posting location….please refer to the “100 things” below posting about a TV reality show idea that should have been posted under the “before & after office” pics…..

  3. HC Blogger Says:

    Looks good, I like Burgundy so I would have left that. Either way, your clutter free.

  4. […] i minimalized my office three weeks ago (read about it here), i made the decision to remove the desktop icons from my pc.  ever since, i have been looking for […]

  5. Esteban Says:

    I love the before and after. I have a very small tax office. After this tax season I will do what you did.

  6. Joshua, I am reading through your archives now. I appreciate the clarity that your office space now has. I have three kids at home now and no home office space to speak of, but I am inspired.


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