June 16, 2008

yesterday, “becoming minimalist” received its 500th hit.  the blog has been good for me serving two purposes. 

  1. it has served as an online journal for me and my family’s journey to document physical accomplishments and heart changes as well.
  2. it has served a purpose of motivation for you the reader to remove some of the”stuff” in your life.  hopefully, you have been inspired to clean out a drawer, a closet, a room, or an attic.  the simple truth is that if this typical suburban family can become minimalist, so can you!

One Response to “500.”

  1. Krista Muse Says:

    I found your website through your “junk drawer” sale on ebay. While I am attempting to minimalize my own life, I thought I’d take a look and see how others are getting rid of the clutter through ebay.
    All I can say is “good for you and your family”!
    You are finding the true priorities in life and since your children are so young, they will grow up with this mindset and it will be normal to them.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for being an inspiration to myself & others.


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