operation: minimalist office day 1 results

June 10, 2008

today was everything that i hoped it would be.  i get everything accomplished in my office that i was hoping – and sat down at 4:45pm with 15 minutes to spare.  here are my accomplishments:

  • removed every book from my bookshelf that i haven’t used since i moved
  • moved one large bookshelf out of my office and left two empty shelves on another
  • removed everything off my physical desktop leaving only a computer, phone, lamp, and family photo
  • digitally scanned over 150 pages of paper files and shredded the files
  • removed a mid-size box full of sports and travel souvenirs from my bookshelves
  • took everything off of my bulletin board except for my son’s drawing and a poster of michael scott.
  • removed 8 things from my walls (college degrees, keith green record albums, calendar, misc.)

my last remaining step is to paint the walls a different color which will complete the transformation.  i am scheduled to complete the painting this weekend and should get some photos up as soon as i finish.  check back here to see the finished minimalist office.

ps – as my assistant was leaving today, she commented, “your office looks very minimal.”  (i was very excited because i haven’t even told her about our new lifestlye!


4 Responses to “operation: minimalist office day 1 results”

  1. Dustin Says:

    Becoming a minimalist requires one to reflect on what is most important. You have to decide what does I need in my life and what can afford to free myself from. It is obvious to me that you have had such times of reflecting and came to some interesting conclusions.

    1. family is important *you left the picture of your family on your desk and the drawings from your son on your bulletin board.
    2. things such as unread books are unimportant (which is usually leave up to give the impression that I have read a lot of books)
    3. your accomplishments in college are less important as well as things such as time, since you took down the calendar.
    4. Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin seems to be right up there with family since it was one of “nonessentials” that has stayed.

    I think living and working in an uncluttered environment helps your thoughts and activities be the same.

    I am interested to continue to read your insights as you make the journey of priority setting and the minimalistic lifestyle.

  2. joshuabecker Says:

    thanks dustin. you are clearly an educated man with keen intellect.

    would it be alright with you if my poster of michael scott represented my value of “not taking life too seriously?”

  3. Dustin Says:

    there is no need to ask me permission for anything. I read your blog to get advice from you. I was happy to see that the michael scott poster could stay!

  4. There are so much junk posts around these days it is good to find at least this site does not have any.

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