letting go of clothes

June 6, 2008

we’re getting ready for a garage sale tomorrow and i have found that letting go of clothes has not been an easy process for me.  actually, it’s been the most difficult aspect of becoming minimalist thus far during our journey.  i spend a good amount of time deciding if i should keep something or not and during the process i think i’m doing a good job of letting go.  but then, i look back in my closet and wonder why i still have so many things in there that i don’t plan on wearing.

i don’t know if any of you have difficulty getting rid of old clothes or not, but i found an interesting conversation happening at  a blog called the very small closet.  jennifer’s got a three-part post on learning to let go of clothes which i have found helpful.  she’s done a good job of helping me identify some of my emotions including:

Either way, her thoughts have helped me remember to live in the present!


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