another step towards minimalism – our cars

June 5, 2008


it was such an easy move, i can’t believe i hadn’t thought to do it before.  i took every item out of my car and placed them in a brown paper bag.  after a thorough dusting/cleaning (easy to do with nothing getting in your way – see benefit #4), i returned only the items that i really need in my car.  and that’s not too many things when you get down to it:

  • title/registration
  • proof of insurance
  • an owner’s manual
  • a few coins for tolls
  • a pen
  • a few cd’s which store nicely out of sight

that’s it.  nothing else.  it feels so refreshing to drive in a car without clutter.  if you want a quick taste of the refreshing, stress-free life that is the minimalist life, start with your car and see how much better it makes you feel.  and then imagine that same feeling sitting in your living room.


5 Responses to “another step towards minimalism – our cars”

  1. Great idea! I love how clean my car feels after I do something like this.

    Jennifer Skinner

  2. Martha Says:

    I can’t believe you don’t need a box of tissues in your car!

  3. joshuabecker Says:

    clearly, minimalism isn’t for everyone martha

  4. Sean McGinty Says:

    Coins for tolls!?

  5. they make me feel important.

    actually, i have always had a irrationale fear of pulling up to a toll booth without any money. i can picture the attendee’s disgust, the cars honking behind me, fists in the air… i don’t even know what they do to those people. i’ve looked for a specific phobia type along those lines, but no such luck. for that reason, i keep coins for tolls. and they make me feel important…

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