when less is better

June 4, 2008

  • golf scores
  • crying babies
  • mosquitoes
  • nuclear waste
  • credit card statements
  • armpit hair length
  • dress sizes
  • nuclear weapons
  • gas prices
  • cats
  • prescriptions
  • reality television shows on vh1
  • back pain
  • poverty
  • blood-alcohol level
  • enemies
  • pink slips
  • pollen
  • homework
  • red lights
  • spelling errors

2 Responses to “when less is better”

  1. robo57401 Says:

    Been starting to follow this families adventures…does have a lot of merit but it is one of those things that a person has to really believe in to make it work. I will need to think about this some more before my I put my “toe in the water”. However the Less is Better got me thinking of some others, like: arguments, jail time, bad press, holey socks, politicians, & overdrafts. Keep the blog going…I for one will keep reading!!

  2. joshuabecker Says:

    jail time – that’s a good one.

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