i had to do something

June 3, 2008

since memorial day, i’ve been in the middle of a busy stretch at work that won’t let up until next tuesday.  it’s some pretty heavy, now-or-never type stuff that i’m dealing with.  because of that, we have not had nearly as much time to declutter our home as we would have liked.  but tonight, i had to do something.  so i purged a closet for our garage sale on saturday and finally went through a shelving unit in our living room (you may remember that i mentioned we had minimalized half of our living room).  the shelving had been bothering me since the day we started to go minimal.

i started by pulling everything off of the built-in shelves.  i ended with 40 things on the table (candles, figurines, plates, photos, vases, etc.).  it’s amazing how many things just kept getting added to the shelves over the years.  from the assortment on the table, i limited myself to returning only 1 or 2 items to each shelf.  i wanted only 1 per shelf but my wife assured me that the shelves were too large for only one thin vase and said that i was making it “look stupid.”  nevertheless, i returned only 14 of the 40 items to the shelving unit and couldn’t be happier.  most of the things that i returned tell a story – and their new found prominence without clutter just begs our visitors to ask about the pieces.

i realize that 14 decorative items on one built-in shelving unit is still too many.  but until we remove the entire unit, it’s gonna have to do.

i’m back to work early tomorrow morning but for tonight, i am glad that i took a break and accomplished something as we become minimalist.


One Response to “i had to do something”

  1. Very nice blog! I applaud your journey towards minimalism. I went the minimalist direction a number of years ago after reading a book on Clutter Clearing and Feng Shui. I look forward to reading more here!

    If you are interested, you can check out the series I’m writing now on letting go of stuff: jenniferskinner.blogspot.com .

    Jennifer Skinner

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