an exciting moment

May 30, 2008

you’ll have to cut me some slack – we are just starting down this journey.  but i am finding joy in some very small things.  i’m sure that after a month or two these things will seem like nothing to get excited about, but for now, i’m finding joy in them.

this morning was our first scheduled trash pick-up since my wife and i decided to intentionally become minimalist.  and it was clearly evident that something new was happening in my home.  instead of one full trash can, i took three overloaded cans to the curb this morning.  it was a great feeling for me to visibly see some of the things that we have removed from our room.  i found joy in the moment.  i’m unsure if my garbage man enjoyed it as much as i. 

sorry, bro.  but you’ll have to get used to it.


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