benefit #1 – simple dollars and sense

May 29, 2008

it seems important to remind myself the benefits of becoming minimalist.  living minimalist is contrary to every advertisement that has ever been created and because we live in a country that prides itself on the accumulation of possessions, it can be a difficult proposition to become minimalist.

for that reason, an important running thread needs to be the benefits of minimalism.

benefit #1 – simple dollars and sense.  the bible says, “the foolish person spends all he has”  (proverbs 21:20).  yet, for some reason, whether my income is $30,000 or $60,000 i seem to spend every penny.  the change of lifestyle is so subtle, i end up spending my entire income no matter what it is.  i’m left wishing for a bigger paycheck over and over again.  only a fool spends everything he has.  it seems to me that the true secret to living on an income is just to spend less. 

one benefit of becoming minimalist is the simple reality that it costs less.  if you are accumulating less things, you are spending less money.  and if you are spending less money, you are experiencing countless other benefits as well (less stress, money for other experiences, etc). 


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